Not to Judge

I spent a couple hours cleaning out my dear sons closet today. It was mostly full of my stuff that I had been storing in there since before he was born. And I figured after 2 years and with the new baby on the way it was time to get started. As I finished cleaning a thought occurred to me, if someone else were to see this closet now, not knowing what it looked like before I started, they would probably say Wow! you have a lot of cleaning out to do. And of course they would be right, because even though I spent hours getting it to look the way it does, there is still so much stuff in there that needs to be organized, rearranged or moved out. As I was thinking this, I made a parallel to my christian walk as well as most peoples struggles. We often judge people by where they are at right now in their faith or struggles, and all we can see is their need for improvement, without knowing how far they have already come. What a simple concept. Because our journey on this Earth is not over we will constantly be evolving in our character and how we handle our situations and struggles. Before I started this morning, I couldn’t even step foot into the  closet, only those that had seen my closet before could truly appreciate the appearance of it now. It was a simple reminder to me to not judge where people are at, but to celebrate how far they have come and encourage them in their journey ahead.


One Response

  1. Angela, Thank you that was exactly what I needed to hear- I tend to do that to myself. I need to celebrate and remember how far God has brought me!

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