The holidays are quickly dissapearing

With the help of Steven’s family,  we took down the last of the Christmas decorations last night. It’s always a little sad for me to see everything put away. The house looks so empty and bare. We had a great time visiting with family and it didn’t even get too crazy with ten of us being here all the time.

We survived “Santa” for this year. Zoe only made one more mention of him before Christmas by saying “Mommy is Santa going to fill our Stalkings?” I simply said “No, Zoe I don’t think Santa is going to.” She said “Oh” and was on to  other things. She didn’t mention him again and was very content with all the other activities and opening gifts from her family.  

I appreciated Carey’s comment and after reading through his blog I came across a great post he wrote titled   Should Christian parents play the “Santa” game?  Check it out. It will be a great encouragment to anyone struggling with this.


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  1. Taylor had received a scooter from Santa this year, after struggling with it, my husband then attacked it and we still couldnt figure out how to get the handle part of it up-right. He was frustrated and kept saying he hoped I kept the receipt and to take it back to the store, I said it was from Santa and maybe someone else in the family can fix it, he wouldnt let it go, that it needed to be taken back to the store and get my money back, or to call the store and get help. Taylor was in the kitchen with us and asked why didnt Santa fix it right before he left it for her. I just said he was busy and couldnt do it. She had also received a gift card from Santa and found that, and asked me where the phone number was on the card, so she could call Santa and tell him the scooter doesnt work.
    I was tired after a 12 hour drive from TX, and didnt want to get into the “Santa game” then, so I went to bed.

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