The ants go marching one by one…

This song is one of Zoe and Zack’s favorite but here at our house it has become a reality. We are being invaded by ants!!! It started slowly first I saw just a few in our garage, then a few popped up by our kitchen window and now they are everywhere. I tried just bleaching them to death, which worked. But then they kept coming back. I woke up this morning with our kitchen sink full of them, a line of them along one wall and while I was sweeping the bathroom I found some in there as well. For anyone that knows me I am NOT a bug person even ants. I have scoured the kitchen and bathroom, vacuumed the entire house and put down ant treatment all to no avail. I finally broke down and called the bug guy who couldn’t come out until Tuesday but (I’m sure) after hearing the desperation in my voice said he could squeeze me in between appointments.  I felt better about this until I opened our pantry and found a dead mouse in our mouse trap, which is great, because we have been trying to catch this little bugger for about a month now. But it’s very very bad when I have to dispose  of it myself! Some things in my opinion are just a mans job!


One Response

  1. I have a recipe for a good ant killer that keeps them away, too! Look at my blog:

    Hope it works for you, too!

    I agree about tossing the mouse…that’s a job for a man!


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