For anyone who is keeping up with us…

 We are finally over the bug that has hung around us for far too long. Now if we can just keep it that way. It is still making it’s way around the Nursery at church and playgroup, but hopefully it won’t hit us again.

We spent the weekend helping some good friends move into their new house. It was so fun to see them so excited! I can’t say the moving itself was fun- but is it ever? The house is beautiful, Congratulations Janette and Omar!!!

We are still trying to locate another vehicle for Steven. We keep praying that God is going to provide something that we are going to be able to afford. It’s going to be hard to come up with another car payment after going without one for so long. If you think of us, say a prayer.

Steven and I are considering Foster Care. We thought about it about 3 years ago after we had Zoe, but then we got pregnant with Zack, so we put it on hold. We really feel this is a type of ministry that Christians are called to do. Jesus says to take care of the Orphans and widows. This is just how we are choosing to go about it. We do have some reservations in regards to Zoe and Zack, so we are still praying about it. We go to an informational meeting next week.

I am working on an ABC scrapbook for the children. I have been working on it for about 3 months and I am only on letter H. 🙂  Thankfully our church is having a women’s  connection event that includes scrapbooking on Thursday evening so maybe I’ll make it to L!

Steven is acting in a murder mystery for a dance studio at the end of this month, so he is preparing for that as well as practicing for our church’s singing Christmas Tree which takes place at the beginning of December every year.

I think that’s about it for now. Our life in a nutshell!


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