dscn3267.JPGYes this is a picture of Zoe’s doll in a carseat, and not just sitting in a carseat but fully buckled by insistence. This is Zoe’s new obsession. She has to take this naked, bald headed baby everywhere we go. Otherwise “she’ll be so sad to be left alone” We have indulged her a little bit because it’s a little easier to explain a doll then to explain her pretend puppy “Aykra” which she insist on walking her, with her pretend leash wherever we go. Or holding her in her arms (where she has one arm crossed over her body) This is actually quite funny because when she is holding “Aykra” she will only use one arm to do anything (eat,walk,climb,read, etc) Sometimes we can convince her to let us hold “Aykra” while she is doing tasks that require the use of two arms, but then she insist on having her back. But for the time being this bald headed doll has taken over her interest,  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

And Just so you know, Today the dolls name is Afton.


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  1. Kaylee lined up her dolls in stollers and barbie dolls in the barbie cars in front of the tv and wanted popcorn so they could all enjoy a movie!

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