Call me Martha

It has been over a week since I have been able to sit down at the computer long enough to actually blog something. These past few weeks I have found myself being pulled in every direction and with very little time to actually rest. I think I have been busier than even when I was working. Most of the things that have taken up my time have been necessary (running Zack to Dr. Appts., surgery) some of them have been one time commitments (volunteering,dinner with friends) and some ongoing commitments (bible study, dance class etc.) But within the busyness of all these things I have naturally let my house and family suffer.  Even though none of these things alone are bad, and my family never complained, I could hear God whisper Martha Martha on more than one occasion. I have a tendency just to believe that because something is not necessarily bad or wrong it’s ok to do it. God calls us to be keepers at home, and although most weeks are not usually like the past couple, I have to constantly evaluate how I am spending my time. Are the activities that I am choosing to participate in bringing my family closer together? Closer to God? Am I spending too much time in the car? Time that could have been spent reading to my children, talking to Steven, cleaning house. Am I spending too much time with friends? Not making it home in time to make lunch or dinner on time. I have found that even the good things like bible study can actually draw me further away from God and my family. I get so caught up in what has to be done before and after that it becomes something that just needs to be checked off my list, and not a time of actual worship and rest. One of the bible studies I am doing mentioned weeding out the things in our lives that don’t draw us closer to God. I am going to start reevaluating my garden of life so that I can be more of a Mary in this Martha world.  


2 Responses

  1. “Jesus told Martha not to worry about small things, but to concentrate on what was important in life.”
    Isnt family the most important thing?? What you are doing is for your family so how can it be wrong?

  2. It goes back to my saying that just because they are “good” things doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best things for me and my family to be doing. I get so drained when I am constantly running from one place to another, when I finally make it home I am exhausted and not giving my family the best of me. The point is, some of these things are not the most important things, they are just things.

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