To be young again

The conversation went like this: Zoe– “Mommy she (her cousin) has my pretend kittyMeWhy don’t you go get another pretend kittyZoe (looking sad) “ok” she leaves, she returns “Mommy I want her pretend kitty too

It’s so funny to watch them at this age, they have such imaginations! Zoe has just started pretending.  And right now along with her pretend kitty, she has a pretend doggie, which she has taken very good care of these past few days, forcing us to pet it, aknowledge it at the dinner table and then helping her look for it at nap time.  Every day she has a new unusual and very forgettable name for her doggie. I’m humored by this considering she has an actual puppy that she doesn’t have to pretend with at all. Although she can’t stick Callie in her pocket, or sit her on the table while we eat.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could carry on this blissful innocence throughout our lives?


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  1. That is hilarious!

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