Water Mania

dscn3165.jpgWe went to the Water Park yesterday. Zoe and Zack had a blast! We only spent about three hours there which was fine since the tickets were free, from when Steven  won them off of his radio station, but three hours was plenty. We got up Saturday morning a little too early ahemmm… Zack was up at 4:30 and Steven finally got out of bed with him at 5:20 and we started getting ready to go about 8:30. Zack not being old enough to understand, got really upset when we put his swimsuit on and started to load the van. He figured we were going out to swim in his backyard pool. And it took the first 20 minutes of driving to calm him down. Zoe was really excited when we told her what we were going to do but the hour drive pretty much killed that, and by the time we arrived Zack was sleeping and Zoe was uninterested until she really got a good glimps.  We spent time walking between different water attractions and did each a couple of times, the kiddo’s are still to small for the slides but we had a good time anyway. We left the park about 2:15 and then the drama really began.  We got on the interstate to get home and about 30 min. into it we come to a complete stop. They were doing road work. Not a big deal except we needed gas. We get off after 15 min. of going roughly 3-5 mph. Only to find out after we got gas that we couldn’t get back on the interstate the entrance ramp was closed.  We spent 30 min. Trying to find a way back on. When we finally thought we had it only to find out that pretty much all entrance ramps were closed for about 15 miles. So we had to head back the original direction we came from and start all over from the point that the traffic had stopped. Steven was so upset. And for anyone that knows Steven, Steven is NEVER upset. So the hour long trip home took us 3 hours. And since we had dinner plans with friends the children did not get a nap, which was fine until the meltdown when it was actually bed time. I’m always amazed at children when this happens. I just want to say Look, didn’t we have a great time today, shouldn’t that be enough to keep you happy and not make you so whiny when it’s time to actually go to bed? But realizing that they are just children I have to deal with it knowing that If I can just get them into bed, I too will be able to go as well.


3 Responses

  1. D’Oh! Try to remember the fun you just had together at the water park and not the ride home!
    more pics!!

  2. Isn’t it funny and unfortunate how whatever the last impression we got from something seems to be the overall impression we have of the whole trip or experience. Sure we can say we had a great time during some point of the experience, and it’s true. But we still harbor the bad feelings of the one bad thing that happened.

  3. Don’t forget how the evening ended, especially; with great friends and lots of laughs.

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