Daddy’s Girl

Six FlagsThere is something so sweet about the bond between a little girl and her daddy.  Zoe adores her daddy. I love watching the two of them play and talk. Steven is such a great daddy, he listens intently to all her rambling stories- and she has a lot of them, he plays endless games of hide and seek, simon says and pretty much any other game that Zoe concocts. They have the same bedtime routine everynight, read a book, bible story, brush teeth and snuggle for two ,and if Zoe can talk him into it sometimes 3 Dora songs (she listens to the CD everynight) they pray and lights out. Of course that doesn’t include the two or three times she calls him back for various reasons. But it is so cute, I’m so glad that she will grow up to have such a wonderful male role model in her life.


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  1. Growing up with Steven, I didnt realize what a special person he was, he was always the little brother to have around to play with when I was bored. These days, he is a person whom I enjoying talking with and getting his advice on anything from movies to raising children. He has shown strength and values beyond anyone I know and he is blessed with an amazing family!

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